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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Twitterville Talk #63

Twitter is a collection of people conversing in 140 characters.  It doesn't seem like that's enough to be able to say what you really mean or feel.  No better example of the power of this social network was displayed than on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, when first one, then another, then another tweet appeared about the death of Ivan, the silverback gorilla living in Zoo Atlanta.  Ivan whose life inspired Katherine Applegate's book, The One and Only Ivan, was being remembered and mourned by many, many people.  I became so moved I wrote a blog post that evening.  The teacher librarian who recommended the book to me, to many, sent this message out over Twitter today.

John Schumacher blogs at Watch. Connect. Read.  Be sure to go to his website today.  He talks about his newest Newbery read but

It's always nice to be able to look over a list of outstanding books chosen by "people in the know" comparing it with what you've read or finding a title you know you should read.  Here is the NCTW Orbis Pictus Award Outstanding Nonfiction for Children Past Winners 2000-2010.

Thank to Literacyhead for this tweet.

Although many of these examples are geared toward the business world, they could be applied to personal or educational ideas for the use of Pinterest.  28 Creative Pinboard Ideas From Real Brand on Pinterest

Thanks to Teresa Rolfe Kravtin who can be found blogging at A Rep Reading.

This, 30 Indispensable Writing Tips From Famous Authors, is an interesting compilation of author portraits with their thoughts on the writing process as an overlay.

Thanks to Lyne Kelly Hoenig, author of Chained, for this tweet.

When I discovered the website, Wonderopolis, I was amazed at the resources available, the opportunities for reflection and discussion.  Educator, Barbara Phillips, has listed some of the daily posts at her site listing them in categories, Wonders to Use Throughout the Year.

Thanks to Barbara Phillips for this list and this tweet.

Musings from an author about goals, Some things I've learned about running and writing.

Thanks to Jo Knowles, author of See You at Harry's, for this post and tweet.

Prezi, a cloud-based presentation web 2.0 app, has added some features, 5 Big Prezi Updates You Should Know About.

The 20 most-watched TED Talks to date

Thanks to Joyce Valenza, teacher librarian and blogger at NeverEndingSearch, for these tweets.

Mo Willems is not talking but we can look and figure out what's coming.  The Kennedy Center doesn't want me to talk about his yet, so I won't.

Thanks to Mo Willems Pigeon for this pictorial tweet.

Publishers Weekly ShelfTalker posted an article, In Praise of Titans, citing the loss of many authors and illustrators this year.

Thanks to Walden Pond Press for this tweet.

September 15, 2012 is International Dot Day.  Read this blog post, Connect The Dots, for a unique approach to this celebration.

Thanks to Peter H. Reynolds, author of The Dot, Ish and Sky Color for these tweets.

The Society of Illustrators has chosen the award winners for Original Art: The Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration.

Thanks to Julie Danielson at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for this tweet.

These are some of my favorite quotes of the week.  The final quote Xena insisted I include.  It's more of a statement accompanied by a picture.  Maybe she's glad it's not her this time.

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