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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Twitterville Talk #80

Snowy, blowy, wild winter weather ended the week as the holiday break begins.  Book chats, the best of the best in 2012, predictions and book recommendations galore, that's what we all love on Twitter.
Try the giveaway here as well as the previous post today.  The answers are a click away.  I don't care how many times you've won, I love giving away books. Have a wonderful evening.

This is the kind of book trailer that has you scurrying to place an order quicker than immediately.
Here is a link to the website designed for the series with several free items.

We certainly appreciate the updated 2012 Best Books Lists as well as the Book Release Calendar.

This week Mr. Schu and Travis Jonker, teacher librarian and blogger at 100 Scope Notes, revealed their Top 20 Books of 2012.  At Mr. Schu's site are all the resources for each title.  At Travis Jonker's site are the books with their blurbs.  This is a much anticipated event.  Here is the link for the final five including the previous reveals.

The first person to tell me in the comments book #5 in the list above will win a copy of Pandas and Other Endangered Species by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce, A Perfect Time for Pandas by Mary Pope Osborne, Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed with illustrations by Barbara McClintock, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth and The Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers.

The power of libraries from Sir Terry Pratchett.

Thanks to John Schumacher, teacher librarian, 2011 Library Journal Movers & Shakers, and blogger at Watch. Connect. Read. for these tweets.

I freely admit to being a fan for more than forty years of Jeopardy.  That's why this appeals to me and I imagine to all nerdy book lovers.  Can you name the authors of NPR's top 100 novels for teens?

Thanks to Alyson Beecher, educator and blogger at Kid Lit Frenzy for this tweet.

These tidbits of information would be fun to share with students or as a site to send them to do research.   Reindeer:  Twelve Fascinating Facts About These Amazing Creatures

Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation for this tweet.

The Best Videos for Educators In 2012-Part Two is a great list by Larry Ferlazzo of Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...   A link to his first set of videos for 2012 is included.

Head over to his site again for this infographic--Gift-Giving Traditions Throughout The World
Thanks for the list and these tweets.

It's never too early to start planning for next year.  This post has lots of great thoughts.  Learning About December Holidays:  25+ Ideas & Resources

Thanks to Steve Cushing of Bongo LLP for this tweet.

This an enlightening infographic you should read, 20 Facts About Twitter You Probably Don't Know

Thank to Oakland Schools in Michigan for this tweet.

A recent post on NEVERENDINGSEARCH speaks to the advantages of using Pinterest.  Focusing in on authors who pin

Thanks to Joyce Valenza, teacher librarian and blogger at NEVERENDINGSEARCH.

Author Jarrett J. Krosoczka's blog post, Make Magic, Preserve Wonder in my opinion is a must read.  He was reproduced the banner at the top of the post so people can download it for printing.  That link is here.

Thanks to Jarrett J. Krosoczka for this post and tweet.

This is a resource and a half---Author Post From 'The Nerdy Book Club' Finalists. Mr. Sharp has listed previous blog posts of the author's whose books are a part of the Nerdy Book Club Award Nominations for 2012.

This post is a must read for people who sincerely care about the power of libraries staffed with certified librarians. I have had first-hand experience in coming to libraries not previously staffed with certified personnel and more recently I've seen what can happen when a certified librarian is no longer there.  Be the change.
How to Make (or Unmake) a Reader by Linda Urban

Get ready for the January #SharpSchu Book Club.  You'll like the chosen authors.

Thanks to Colby Sharp, teacher, blogger at sharpread and one of the founders of the Nerdy Book Club, for these tweets and the work involved in the first post.

Here's another great test for those book nerds---So this is Quizmas...
How well do you know quotes from your favorite books about the holiday season?

Thanks to PaperTigersOrg for this tweet.

All of the people I follow and who follow me are well aware that they should Take your libraries seriously.

Thanks to author Jo Knowles  and blogger for this tweet.

I really like this short video by author/illustrator Peter Reynolds talking about his artistic process.

 Thanks to Candlewick Press for this tweet and their year long tribute to picture books, We Believe In Picture Books!

Let's help support Sandy Hook PTA!  Are you making snowflakes?  If so, please no words, only the beauty of a single plain snowflake.

Thanks to Susan Dee, fifth grade teacher and blogger at The Book Maven's Haven for this tweet.

One of my favorite young adult books of the summer is written by Martha Brockenbrough, Devine Intervention.(reviewed here)  Her letter titled The Truth About Santa is amazing.  Click on the tree to get to the letter.

Thanks to literary agent Jill Corcoran for this tweet.

Author John Green works non-stop to make our world better for everyone.  This is one of his Project For Awesome videos.  Prepare to be moved...completely.

Thanks for sharing this video, John Green.

This is BIG, BIG news!---Lois Lowry Confirms Jeff Bridges To Film The Giver

Thanks for this tweet go to Children's Bookshelf of Publishers Weekly.

And right on the heels to the news above we hear---Tobey Maguire to Produce and Possibly Star in CARDBOARD  Cardboard is the most recent graphic novel by Doug TenNapel and reviewed here.

Thanks to Travis Jonker, teacher librarian and blogger at 100 Scope Notes for this tweet.

It's always an honor to be able to read how author's and illustrator's feel about their picture book creations.  Extra Yarn:  Author Mac Barnett's 2012 BGHB Picture Book Award Speech
Extra Yarn:  Illustrator Jon Klassen's 2012 BGHB Picture Book Award Speech

Thanks to The Horn Book for these posts and the tweet.

These are a few of my favorite thoughts from Twitter this past week.

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