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Thursday, August 25, 2011

You've Got To Draw The Line Somewhere

Laura Ljungkvist who entertained and educated readers previously with Follow The Line, Follow The Line Through The House and Follow The Line Around The World adds a new title to the group, Follow The Line To School.  From cover to cover our eyes seek the line's direction up, down, left, right, and around as it leads and creates.

Beginning as if it is chalk on a board the line spells out the book's title morphing into scissors, snails, the wiry hinge on a notebook, block letters of narration, bookshelves, owls, artful containers, game boards, juice boxes, playground equipment and other "schoolish" items galore.

is starting, how exciting.
Music, reading,
math, and writing.

Lunchtime, recess, art,
and more.
Follow the line
and let's

And follow we do, through a day of elementary school as the line takes us in the door, to a cheerful classroom, the world of animals in the science corner, the library for books and reading, the art room for painting and drawing, back to class to find and feed the class pet, Fred or maybe some games before lunch in the cafeteria, then it's on to the playground to savor the fall air, back to class for math learning numbers and shapes, then to the music room to lift voices in song and try instruments, and then to the classroom again for a rousing show and tell time.

Before readers and students know it, the time has quickly vanished as the day has been enjoyed amid new learning.  The black line which has led us through the day brings us outside the school only to remind us that tomorrow will be just as full of wonder and freshness if we open our eyes and minds.  The back cover has the line switching back to chalk as it pictures a globe with the words, SEE YOU!

Each two page spread has spare inviting text to introduce the space but also challenges the reader with three questions about the illustrated area. 

Ljungkvist's use of mixed media, including artwork by her daughter, makes the journey through this day one of joy, discovery and pure "kidliness". These illustrations feel happy and that is the way that we want our students to feel about coming to school. 

I found it not only appropriate but absolutely delightful that the beginning endpapers show a heart clipped from paper and the closing endpapers display a paper with a big A+.  Without a doubt I am bringing my own  perceptions to the review but the Biblical quote, Wherever your treasure lies, there your heart will be, should be what drives educational principal and practice. Our children are our treasure, our hope for a better future for them.  We should teach with heart and they need to know it; everyone gets an A+ at the end of a day like that.

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