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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Twenty-four Hours in Twitterville #9

Even without all the back-to-school commercials, the changing weather and daylight hours getting shorter, you can definitely tell fall is in the air with the increased tweets regarding activity in the publishing industry; things are heating up.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo at Larry Ferlazzo's Web Sites of the Day for the following interesting links.

Read one writer's take on the place and form of books in the near future in an article titled Is there hope for books? by Buzz Poole.

National Geographic has a project up and running on Facebook regarding the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  It is an interactive experience for all participants called Where Were You?

Time Newsfeed celebrated the twentieth birthday of the first web site ever on August 6, 2011.

Larry has a blog post about the new web site and television series called Curiosity by the Discovery Channel.

Just for fun go to a chart which helps you discover which genre you might be.  This chart was designed by Nalia's World.

Blogger and librarian extraordinaire, Joyce Valenza, in a post at School Library Journal reviews two new items, A Google A Day and TeachParentsTech.org.  Both tools will be a boost in the classroom.

In an article, Remarkable Reads:  Equine Fantasy, blogger Dodie Owens lists some great books.

Thanks to School Library Journal for the above tweets and a link to the article, The Secret Garden's hidden depths by Anna Clark.  The Secret Garden is 100 years old.  Wow, do I feel old.

Rick Riordan tweets that The Son of Neptune will be available October 4, 2011.
He also provides a link to his fantastic web site where a kit is housed (and is printable) encouraging celebration of Percy Jackson's birthday, August 18th.

Booklist Online announces the release of a new book, Rin Tin Tin:  The Life and the Legend by Susan Orlean.  Speculation is that there will be high demand.  The book is slated for teens and above.  I will be one of those.

NPR Books announces Your Picks:  Top 100 Science Fiction, Fantasy Books.  I can't believe how many on the list I've read.  Thanks to Library Journal for the tweet.

The 2011 Society of Illustrators Original Art:  The Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration winners are revealed.  Julie Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast was there.

YALSA  The Hub showcases a lineup of new fall books that beg to be read.

YALSA is generating a list of nominations for the Reader's Choice List.  Winners will be announced in November.  The categories are:  horror/thriller, mystery/crime, nonfiction, realistic fiction, romance, science fiction/fantasy and steampunk.

Read to Lead tweets about an article written by Mo Willems for the Parents section at Scholastic that offers ideas to spark a lifetime interest in reading with children.

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