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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surf's Up!

Sun, sand, sea, surf, shells, seaweed and Saturday surround readers of Jennifer Sattler's new title, Pig Kahuna. This play on the term Big Kahuna, king of surfers, follows seaside treasure seekers, Fergus and his diaper-clad younger brother on a single, sunny day.

The two never venture into the water but wait along the shore as the rolling waves deposit wealth for their taking. To their wonder a true find appears---a surfboard. Waiting, watching no one shows. It tops all their riches of the afternoon on a little red wagon as they stroll along the beach.

The brothers discover multiple uses for the surfboard other than actually putting it in the water. As Fergus says of the ocean: There was a lurking, murky ickiness. It's becomes their friend. They name it Dave.

When Fergus goes to bring the duo a treat, chunky chocolate Chattanooga chew-chew chip ice cream, Dink thinks that Dave is loosing his luster and sets him free back into the water. Walking back, cones in hand, Fergus is shocked to find Dave heading out to sea. With a shout and no thought of himself he swims out to rescue his newest buddy.

Before he knows what's happening Fergus is sailing the crests. Soon the two are discovering more than they thought possible.

Art created by Sattler using acrylics and colored pencils gives readers wide-eyed, perky eared, expressive piggies that never fail to bring a smile. Alternating between single and double page spreads, framing with white space or bleeding off the page, Sattler perfectly aligns each with the flow of her story. Add in the choice of color bringing this charming tale from the sandy shore straight into our hearts.

So crank up this video and turn the pages of Pig Kahuna for a jubilant ride.

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