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Monday, August 8, 2011

Be True To Thyself

Currently on a creative sabbatical, Ethan Long is the author and illustrator of numerous children's books.  Using fabric prints courtesy of Alexander Henry Fabrics, Inc. and digital collage to illustrate his book, Chamelia, Long brings to light for the younger crowd the importance of being a team player without sacrificing your individuality.

Most children know that to survive some chameleons have the ability to change their color; to blend with their surroundings.  They also change their color as a form of social communication. 

But Chamelia does not like to conform to the status quo.  This darling of the lizard world has a need to exceed especially when it comes to making a fashion statement.

When others zig...Chamelia zags.  When others twist, Chamelia shouts.  When others rock, Chamelia rolls...but in her own special way. 

But daring to be different does have its challenges: when your dress train gets caught in the school bus door, or your Cleopatra costume doesn't fit as normal attire for Goldilocks or your sequined heels are no match for a soccer ball.

Saddened Chamelia discovers there is a huge difference between standing out and being left out.  Parents to the rescue!

Readers will see that Chamelia's dress is truly the outer expression of an iridescent, joyous, effervescent soul. 

Ethan Long delivers the whole package in Chamelia; eye-catching jacket, colorful cover, jazzy endpapers and graphics that convey expressive mood of all the characters.  Chamelia decked out to the max on her scooter is a total hoot!

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