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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twitterville Talk #10

Tweets this week heightened the hype for fall books, zombies loom on the horizon, glimpses of Pottermore are gathered and teens are voting on their top picks as Moms struggle with book selection.

Book trailers abound with sequels and newbies coming to town.

Vampires, to werewolves and on to zombies teen lit hovers on the dark side with humor and shivers.

Until September 15, 2011 voting is taking place at YALSA's site for the Teens' Top Ten.

Pamela Dodson wrote an article, But Mom, Everybody's Reading It:  A Guide to Kid's Books and Peer Pressure, at Huffington Post.  She presents the issue from experience and offers good advice.  Thanks to School Library Journal for the tweet.

Publishers Weekly crew, The Magic of Pottermore, received advanced access to the beta version of the site this week.  Come October, users are really in for a treat of the senses.  Check out the sneak peaks.

On August 18th, character Percy Jackson's birthday, Disney announced that a company record is being broken with 3 million copies of Rick Riordan's The Son of Neptune being printed for the October 4th release date.

 Check out the fresh design of the mockingjay on the cover of the new The Hunger Games edition.


  1. Did you get into the early groups for Pottermore? I got in on the last day, but it could be as late as the end of September before I get my "you can go in" email. I can't wait!

  2. Despite my best efforts, even finding the magic quill twice, by the time I got to the next step it was closed. I will be joining the masses in October.