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Sunday, May 5, 2013

You've Been Warned...

For quite some time there's been a virtual voice in my Twitter feed that's spreading laughter with his astute observations, sharing his family's slices of life and providing fantastic support to everyone involved in the #kidlit community.  Adam Lehrhaupt's life has been most interesting; traveling to six continents, performing on Broadway, and living on a communal farm.  (There's much more to know about Adam by following the link to his website and blog.) Due to strange happenings at my home recently, I've decided to negotiate a chat with Adam.

Good morning, Adam.

Hello Margie. Thanks for inviting me to stop by.

I understand you have a new book being released this summer.

That I do.  My first picture book, Warning: Do Not Open This Book!, will be released on August 27, 2013 from Simon & Schuster.  

Hmmm...can you explain why UPS delivered six cases of bananas to my front door?

There could be a lot of reasons for that.  You won the banana of the month sweepstakes?  Bizarre neighbor prank? Xena needs a little more potassium in her diet?

No, no and no, Adam.  Also whenever Xena and I walk around the yard, the birdsong has been replaced with jungle noises and guitar music.  You wouldn't have any idea why, would you?

OH.  That might not be good.  Um, you didn't by chance watch...the book trailer I sent you?

Well...I thought I was supposed to watch it, wasn't I?  It's just a video isn't it?  Adam, is there something you aren't telling me?

Um...something I'm not telling you...nope.  Nothing at all.  Everything is fine.  Maybe you are experiencing one of those global warming phenomenons.  You know, like they talk about on the news.  With all the animal migrations and ice melts and such.  Have you seen less snow and ice recently?

Now that you mention it, my yard does seem to be looking more like summer as opposed to my neighbors who still have piles of snow.  Hmmmmm...

Perhaps, given the events of the past week at my home, I'm thinking it might prove to be important if you were to share more information about your book.  What sparked the idea for you to write it?

Well, that's a bit of a long story.  Not Doctor Zhivago long, more like unnecessarily making The Hobbit
into three movies long.  I'll try to condense it down.  My family and I took a vacation to Honduras a few years ago.  The resort where we stayed had a troop of monkeys roaming around, causing all kinds of mayhem.  I began wondering what would happen if I put these monkeys into a book.  And, once they were in the book, what would result when you opened it.  That is the core of what Warning: Do Not Open This Book! is about.  When you disregard all the warnings and free the monkeys, exactly what occurs?

That's all well and good, but I don't have the book.  And I'm wondering Adam, if you asked the monkeys' permission prior to putting them in the book. They could be a tad put out.  EEEEEKKKKK!  Adam, vines are starting to grow out of my walls. What should I do?  Oh...My...Goodness...Adam?  There's a monkey riding on Xena's back.  I'm starting to hear those jungle noises and guitar music inside my house.  Adam?  Ada?  A?  (The sounds of howling monkeys and one barking dog are all that can be heard.)

Margie?  Hello?  Margie?  Uh oh, Xena.  Now I've done it.  I shouldn't have sent the trailer.  You need to keep people from watching it.  It could be dangerous.  


Warning: Do Not Watch This Trailer!

Really.  Not kidding here.  Look what happened to Margie.

You should stop now.

Don't click play.


  1. Thank you so much for providing a platform for the release of my book trailer. It should surprise no one, especially twittertalk followers, that you made the whole experience a lot of fun and I think that shows in this fantastic post. It was a blast. Thanks again, Adam.

  2. You are very welcome, Adam. It's a honor to be able to host such a creative and hilarious trailer. I can't watch it without smiling. It was fantastic fun working with you on the interview. I love to laugh and I did every single time we added and revised. Thank you, Adam. Thank you very much.

  3. We're really glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post plus the trailer. Having bananas on hand might be a good idea; for the monkeys and your students. That song is a personal favorite of Adam and his wife. Check out his blog post.

  4. Too much fun! Superb post and trailer!

    But now there are two boxes of bananas in my kitchen. Banana pudding, banana cream pie, banana muffins, banana bread, banana splits. And I'm not monkeying around . . .

    1. Hello, Jama! So glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post and trailer. Two boxes! It looks like you'll be cooking up a feast for the little rascals as well as anyone else who stops for a visit. I just love how your thoughts turn to food.

  5. I LOVE this trailer! Have to have the book when it comes out!