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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Check What?

Just over a week ago Larry Ferlazzo host and blogger of Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... posted about a new web 2.0 application that is free with no registration requirement called CheckThis.
I have previously reviewed similar applications on this blog, Instablogg, PageORama and WeeblyEach with their own specific features tailored to fit individual tastes and needs.

CheckThis does have a unique premise, templates for what you want to post.  By toggling through the options a new screen appears for each.

If you just have something to Tell fill in a title, then click on the text body beneath.  Text can be bold, italics, struck through, heading size or normal.  A link can be added or a list that is bulleted or numbered.  By clicking on the green plus sign at the bottom of the text box, additional text, images, video, map, sound, tweets, additional weblinks, a contact, payment or poll can be added.
Images can be added using a URL or uploaded from your computer.  To add a video (YouTube, Vimeo) paste in the URL.  It appears that most of the remaining extras are added by pasting in a URL.

Your Sell template looks like this:

If you desire to post information about a job that needs to be filled the template looks like this:
You can also customize a web page from scratch using those items that appear when the green plus sign is clicked.

In the upper right hand corner are a series of icons with services available to the user of this application.
The first allows for a choice of appearance, a series of ten backgrounds or the option to upload from your computer and a visual list of palettes which determines the title, text, block and page colors.

Users can change the title, visibility (public or hidden) or the expiration (never, one week, one month) by clicking the second, settings, icon.

If you click the preview box you will need to register with your email, name and acceptance of the terms of service as you also need to do when you click the publish box, it did not matter if the visibility, public or hidden, was checked.  The only way I could see that this service could be used without registration is by copying the link formed when you began a page; when you are in edit mode.

Each frame of the web page can be moved from place to place within that page, linked or deleted using icons in the right corner of each frame.

When I did that the following page appeared which allowed me to read about the application, watch the video embedded below, ask for help, read the terms, report problems or link to their Twitter account.  I could also go back and edit my page from this spot.  It appears that to use this service as demonstrated in the video you would need to register but I can still see a use for this in the classroom as long as the URL is saved so that work can be continued.

Meet checkthis from checkthis on Vimeo.

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