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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instant Visibility On The Web

On May 6, 2011 I posted a review of Instablogg Instablogg as stated in my review gives the user, depending on the subject matter, the ability to post anonymously on the Internet adding text, images, links and videos within minutes. The post can be private or public, allow commenting or not and linked to a variety of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Within ten days of one another two of my favorite tech bloggers in-the-know, Larry Ferlazzo of Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day and Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers, spoke about an additional web 2.0 application that allowed for simple creation of a web page, Page O Rama.

As quickly as you typing the URL in the address bar you can be making a web page.  When the site opens this page appears.

First enter in the letters, numbers or a combination of both that you want to represent the page address.

Then type in a title for your page. The tool bar above the body of text box is nearly identical to that of Instablogg.

Instablogg allows for the placement of the text within the page, justification, Page O Rama does not.  Page O Rama spell checks as you type but Instablogg does not.  Page O Rama does not allow for the underlining of text as does Instablogg but they share in making text bold, in italics or strike through.

They both allow for the insertion of an image, table, horizontal line, Smiley, special character, link or a page break for printing.  It is important to note that images can be copied and pasted in both without copying and pasting in the URL link.  They share the ability to remove format as well as bulleting.  Page O Rama allows for an increase indent and block quoting as does Instablogg.

Instablogg does offer the ability to change the text color and background color, maximize, show blocks and embed a video but Page O Rama does not.  But Page O Rama does include the ability to name an anchor, a link to another web page.

As far as the basic text both give the user the chance to change styles and format; only Instablogg includes font size.

These two options for becoming visible online, in no time at all, are nearly identical.  Page O Rama would appear from a comparison to be the more basic of the two as Instablogg acts more like a blog post allowing for comments and sharing via social networks.  They would both work well in an educational setting as well as for personal use. 

Here is the link to my page about the Bear unit during several weeks of November.

While not having the occasion to contact Instablogg for a question, I did need to contact Page O Rama. Their response was polite, informative and very quick.  That counts for quite a bit.

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