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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get Those Minds Thinking, The Writing Will Come

writing prompt #228

On September 21, 2011, Kelly Tenkley of iLearn Technology posted about a Tumblr blog called Writing Prompts.  Currently there are 323 prompts which consist of visuals with comments and questions geared to get the wheels turning in readers' and writers' minds.  Due to the nature of the visuals and the text I would agree with Tenkley that this site would best serve students in the upper elementary, middle and high school.

As soon as you visit the site you are greeted with the author's purpose for these prompts on the right:

The first page hosts ten graphics with words that will stimulate thinking, generate opinions, be a cause for discussion.

You can navigate to earlier posts by clicking on the blue highlighted next with the back arrow key at the bottom of the page.  If you click on home in blue you go back to the top of the first page.  By selecting archives in blue you can view thumbnails of posts in any given month spread across the screen in their entirety scrolling down month by month.  There is a search option at the page bottom also.

Mr. Luke Neff has created a blog that can be read daily via an RSS feed.  His images coupled with appropriate text are sure to be an enjoyed feature with students.  I'll bet the most of his students can hardly wait to get to class each day. 

It might be a good ongoing assignment for students to look for visuals that would promote creative writing.  An individual classroom might set up their own in-house blog for a year long project.  After contacting Mr. Neff by email requesting his permission to use a couple of his visuals in this post his response was:  Absolutely.  Please share.  They are there to be shared.  Thank you, Mr. Neff.

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