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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Scholastic Book Fairs-Reader Leader Blog-Be The Pebble

Today the guest post at Scholastic Book Fairs Reader Leader Blog is a compilation of some of my thoughts and experiences as a teacher librarian.  We are all called as educators to devote our efforts to creating lifelong learners and readers.  Please visit after reading these two introductory paragraphs, leave comments and ask questions.  

Every person who has thrown a pebble into a puddle knows what happens.  A series of rings radiates from the spot where the stone landed.   The distance they travel is determined by a variety of factors but one truth remains.  If the puddle receives no pebble, there will be no ripples.

My first school librarian position was in an intermediate school serving grades seven through nine in a new building with an educational community that had never worked with a certified librarian.  The school library was on the second floor in the center with four sets of windows looking out on a hallway running around the perimeter.  On the other side of the hallway were groups of classrooms.  Clearly the architect and the planning committee realized the importance of this learning center in serving the students and staff.  This was a perfect opportunity to be a pebble.  Although the physical structure of the libraries over the course of my tenure as a teacher librarian have changed in location, this initial position created a vision I have continued to carry with me.  


  1. What a wonderful library program you had. A good librarian is worth his/her weight in gold. I loved your article and the ideas you presented. I did some of what you did in my classroom, but oh, to have a library. I love the flying planes in the library. I love that you made the library their home tool.