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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Picture Book Month 2014, Then, And Now, 2017

It's day two of Picture Book Month.  Each year in November this international action highlights the print picture book.  For each date of the month an author, illustrator or author/illustrator will post an essay on the importance of picture books.

A page is devoted to ideas on how to participate and celebrate Picture Book Month.  There is a Picture Book Month Teacher's Guide along with certificates of participation.  On the promo kit page is a short video to view or give you ideas about creating one with your children or students.

Each year a theme is assigned to each day with Picture Book Month founder, Dianne de las Casas, sending out tweets asking for titles.  As I did last year I am setting up an online format, Padlet, listing two or three books around the daily themes.  Most of the titles will be fairly new with reviews attached to the title or at least a summary.  I have included a copy of the calendar below so you can see the themes.  I will start with the first six days adding two or three at a time.  Have fun and celebrate Picture Book Month.  I've also included a Popplet of books suggestions for 2013 on this Padlet. (Here is a link to take you directly to the created Padlet.)

Created with Padlet

It's been great fun to work on creating a collection of picture books around the themes selected for 2017.  I might be adding to the list as I discover more books before November 30, 2017.  It is my sincere hope you will find all three lists of benefit to you and your children.  The direct link to the Padlet is here.

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  1. Margie, I didn't realize you did this! And, for whatever "blind" reason, I thought that with Dianne's passing, that Picture Book Month wasn't going to happen. It slipped my mind that there were co-founders! I have a lot of catching up to do, for sure!

    1. I really enjoy compiling books around a theme. I am very happy Picture Book Month is continuing. Dianne started something beautiful.