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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And The Answer Is...

A week ago Heather Moorefield, Education Librarian at Virginia Tech and chairperson for the American Association of School Librarians Best Websites for Teaching & Learning tweeted about a new site which features a product for classroom or lesson review like a game show.  Although some have ended their school year, many will be working with students until mid-June.  At first glance this seems to be a FUNtastic way to check for understanding on any given topic.

To the best of my knowledge FlipQuiz in its current form was released in February of this year.  You need to be eighteen years of age to create boards.  If you are between the age of thirteen and eighteen your parent(s) or guardian(s) can sign up for you.  No one under thirteen is to register.  This service is free. (There is a pro pricing for $7.00 per month. It allows you to have team scoring, upload images, and copy the boards of other users, plus more.)

On the right side of the navigation bar you can click on a tab for features, see a demo, login or sign up.  The key features are questions and answers (if you desire) are seen online, boards can be created and saved for later use, boards can be accessed from anywhere, engaging layout and design.  To sign up you need to choose a user name, provide your email address and a password, your first and last name, verify you are human, and select a membership level (free or pro).

Registration completed, you are taken to your dashboard.  Using the Search & Discover (3) button you are taken to a new window.  Searches can be done by keyword or most recently created boards.  You can choose to Create a Quiz Board (1), view your profile (2), see all your boards (4) or update your account information (5).  By selecting the right arrow key you will be logged out.

After choosing Create a Quiz Board a new screen appears.  First give your board a title.  You will be generating questions (and answers if you desire) for six categories. 

Text can be written in bold, italics or underlined (1), subscript or superscript (2), a link can be inserted (3), an image can be inserted using a URL (4) and a video can be included as well (5).  The insertion of images can be as simple or sophisticated as you desire.  Videos from sixteen different providers can be part of the question or answer.  Instructions are given on which URL to use to add videos.   It's a good idea to save the board after each category is completed.  

Once you have your questions (and answers) completed for the number of categories you wish to include, you can add a cover to your board by uploading an image from your computer. At any time you can edit the entire board or a single item on the board. From the dashboard you can access your quiz board, editing it, viewing it in presentation mode or deleting it.

I am looking forward to using FlipQuiz more in the future.  It is extremely easy to use with professional looking results.  I believe students will enjoy using this for quick, simple review in your classrooms.  

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