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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pleasing Pictures With Picnik

Not new in the web 2.0 field (launched in 2007) but new to me is a photo-editing application, Picnik.  No registration is required for using this free application.  Features noted on the home page are:  photos fixed in a click, advanced controls can fine-tune an image, crop, size and rotate in real time, loads of special effects, numerous fonts and top-quality type tool, large assortment of shapes, functions on Mac, Linx and Windows and best of all---no download or installation.

Begin by clicking on the Get Started Now! button.  This welcome page for using Picnik has these choices:  Register for free, upload a photo, open a demo, or open photos from Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Facebook or Photobucket.  (Additional tabs along the top are Help, Privacy Policy, Terms and Policies and About Us.)  I decided to register because having an account usually has its perks.

To register for an account pick a username, password and give your email address.  The Program Policy and Privacy Policy must be accepted.  After registering another band of options appears across the top, upload (edit photos from your computer), collage (mix all your photos together), print (bring your favorite photos to life) and show (share pictures with friends and family). 

The free basic account lets the user upload five photos at one time.  Each photo uploaded can be edited, deleted, emailed or saved.

Basic editing tools are crop, rotate, exposure, colors, sharpen and resize.  There are currently thirty-nine different effects that are free, an array of stickers, four free touch up tools, seven free frames and numerous fonts. 

When the photo has been redesigned click on save and share.  It will be saved to your computer as well as to your history on Picnik if you have an account.
Collages, fancy collages (similar to scrapbook pages), shows and "keepsakes"(for a fee) can be created from your photos.  I made a small show from a single image that I uploaded and altered using different effects.  Each photo editing web 2.0 application brings added features.  Certainly Picnik should be added to your online image toolbox; it couldn't be simpler to use with great results.

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