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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Connection, Curation, Connection #2

Ten days ago I ran a post, Connection, Curation, Connection, embedding and linking to my collection of tweets on Storify.  In an effort to continue to inform those not on Twitter or those in my PLN on Twitter who may have missed a tweet, here are my updates.  To save space I am only embedding the new collections but linking to all the updated stories.

Yesterday the heart of those I follow and who follow me was never more evident than when the news of beloved author Walter Dean Myers passing became public.  His positive impact on so many was highly evident; his name was trending for hours and hours.  Here is a collection of tweets paid in tribute and conversations about this truly incredible man.  I will continue to update this story.

In keeping with my tradition of saving weekly favorite tweets here are those from June 22, 1024 to June 29, 2014.  Beneath this are links to my other updated seven collections.  For previous weekly tweet collections see my post from ten days ago.  Enjoy, friends!

Xena's Wooferlicious Tweets---These are gathered tweets that feature dogs or cats...yes cats; many from authors, illustrators and treasured friends.

Readying Our Spaces, Creating Warmth, Inviting In Our Students---This is a collection of tweets which members of my PLN on Twitter are sharing about the spaces they are designing for their students.  It highlights the extras.

The Household Habitat of Julie---Julie Falatko is an author whose family life is uplifting and joyous.

Author Tips on Writing---This is a collection of tweets about blog posts by authors helping others with their writing.  It is my thought that this can be used in classrooms.

The Wit and Humor of Ame Dyckman II---The author of Boy+ Bot and Tea Party Rules,  Ame Dyckman, provides quirky views, one liners, laced liberally with humor each and every day on Twitter, keeping her followers in stitches and filled with positive vibes. Here is the second collection.

Cyber-Sleuth---Mr. Schu---John Schumacher, teacher librarian, 2011 Library Journal Movers & Shakers, member of the 2014 Newbery Award committee and blogger at Watch. Connect. Read. is the King of gathering resources for his followers' benefit.  This is a collection of his tweets.

Ivan-A Gorilla-A Mighty Silverback---January 2012 welcomed a new book by Katherine Applegate, The One and Only Ivan.  A work of fiction, based upon the real Ivan living in Zoo Atlanta, impacted the reading community as only a powerful story can. On Monday August 21, 2012 Ivan passed away. This is what happened on Twitter then and now.

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