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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twitterville Talk #12

I don't know if it's because fall is in the air giving people renewed vigor, but so much is happening in the world of libraries, books, reading and technology that it is hard to sift through all the tweets this past week.  I hope you find something that interests you and you learn something new; because that's what it's all about

School Library Journal A Fuse #8 Production by Elizabeth Bird has an informative and interesting article:
From Funny Pages to 32 Pages:  Cartoonists Turned Picture Book Authors.  Lucky for all of us that these artists tried another venue.

Author Karen David has written an essay about tutoring struggling or reluctant readers in her daughter's school district in the UK.  The Lessons I Learned is so truthful in every respect.  All educators, parents and administrators as well as politicians should read this.

Nell Colburn relates in an article, Changing the World One Bright Red Book Bag at a Time, about a program aimed at increasing literacy.  It puts books in the hands of preschool children coming from homes that have no books or parents who do not read to them.  Just as the research has stated again and again, it's working!

Walter the Farting Dog Turns 10 by Rocco Staino talks about the ups and downs of this book's popularity. Whether you are a fan or not, no one can dispute the book's ability to get reluctant readers to read plus a film is slated to appear in 2013.

Rick Margolis conducts an interview, Frenemies:  Jack D. Ferraiolo's hilarious new novel features dueling superhero sidekicks with the author.  This gives further insight into the mind behind a title that I absolutely loved.  In fact, I can't wait to read it again.

This next reference I am placing in bold so fellow librarians and parents that may read my blog posts will not miss what I have know for my entire 34 year career.  Something to Shout About:  New research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores by Keith Curry Lance and Linda Hofschire clearly and concisely states the need for keeping our school library media centers staffed with professional librarians.

Publishers Weekly links to a visual of back to school classes, grading system and schedule for Hogwarts!
All aboard....

Julie Danielson at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast gives readers a sneak peak into Lane Smith's newest title, Grandpa Green.

Check out this link to The Hunger Games web site where users register as citizens in a District.  It is way cool.   Thanks to Children's Bookshelf at Publishers Weekly.

Another great list of horse stories at My Little Pony via The Hub.

Yes, indeed we have a trailer for The Hunger Games movie.  Can't wait, just can't wait to see this.

YouTube has created a separate spot, Reflections on 9/11: We want to hear from you.  Viewers are asked to submit videos that answer a variety of questions.  It should be a great resource.

Just in case people might be wondering about the necessity of libraries, check out this visual of line for the New York Public Library post Hurricane Irene.  Thanks to Library Journal for the link.

Who knew that talented author/illustrator Mo Willems was a gifted sculptor.  Check out his current creation.

Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers has a link to a great resource, Understanding 9/11:  A Television Archive.

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