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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Take on Video Creation

More than once Richard Byrne, blogger and educator, has mentioned in posts at Free Technology for Teachers of a web 2.0 application called Stupeflix, that allows users to mix images, videos and music.  It is a free product making navigation in the creative process simple and fun.

Upon accessing the site click on Make a FREE video.  If you wish your video to be more than one minute in length you need to sign up for an account and the cost for an individual is around thirty dollars per year.  You will need to also sign up for a free account if you wish to save your one minute video.  As with most of these web 2.0 apps all that is required is a name, email address and password.

At the next screen users choose a video theme from categories: Outline, Classic, Scrapbook, Unreel, and Blueprint. 

I selected Blueprint.  At the next step an example of a video created in the theme selected is available for viewing.  Users are then asked to click on Make a video.

This screen is the working area in which the video presentation is made.  By clicking on the Add Images tab one can  import images from Facebook, Flickr, Picassa or upload them from your computer.  Images that have been added to the video can be edited, text added, duplicate made or deleted.  This includes videos as well.  When the Add Audio tab is chosen the choices are Music Lounge, Text to Speech and Upload Audio.  A title slide, map or custom transition fall under the Add More tab.

Once the video is finished click the Export icon in the top left hand corner.  The video can be published on YouTube or Facebook, sent by email, shared on Facebook or Twitter, or embedded in a blog or web site using HTML code.  There are other options such as upgrading to a paying account, exit as a new project, rename the video, report a problem or delete the video.

Have fun!

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