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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Create And Collaborate---Scrawlar

When a website draws the attention of three technology-minded people, it's time to visit.  On March 24, 2014 Larry Ferlazzo (Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...) posted this article, "Scrawlar" Will Certainly Be One Of The Top Web 2.0 Tools Of The Year...  It was followed by a tweet on Twitter by Heather Moorefield, Education Librarian at Virginia Tech and chairperson for the American Association of School Librarians Best Websites for Teaching & Learning on March 28, 2014, giving it her recommendation.  Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers) wrote a post on April 1, 2014, Scrawlar-Share Documents and Drawings Without Using Email

Designed by Brian Aspinall Scrawlar has these features (as stated at the site):

  • cloud-based word processing for schools
  • write, edit, collaborate, save and share work on any tablet, phone or computer 
  • no app, plug-in or installation required and
  • no student sign up.
Beneath the features section and three notes for educators, there is a Word Processor Demo, Whiteboard Demo, and a nine page Tutorial. Scrawlar is specifically for teachers and their students.  

To sign up enter in your email address, a password and a code for your students to use.  You also need to agree to the Terms of Service.  Even though students do not need to register to use the site, on the side of caution, I would make sure parents/guardians are aware of the website's use in your classroom by having a written acknowledgement on file for students under the age of thirteen.

After clicking on Sign Up you are taken to your home page.  The tool bar along the top and on the left side are nearly identical with the exception of New Doc, New Sketch and Settings (changing your password). Per the "invitation" I next selected Create One Now!

At the next window your cursor appears in the text box.  Along the top from left to right using the tool bar, you can make your text bold or in italics, add an unordered and ordered list, insert a URL link or an image, add two size headings, change the color of your text, insert speech or view the HTML code. To insert an image use a URL link. Make sure to save frequently.

On my document in progress I used a designated heading (1), inserted a link (2), changed the color of the text and added italics (3) and included an image (4).  When you are finished, after you have saved your work, click on Return Home. 

Back at your home page, your document is listed where it can be edited at any time (1).  It can also be shared or deleted (2)(3).  When you choose the Share option your student(s) will be listed.  You can choose to have them not share, view it only or edit.  

To continue I next clicked on New Sketch. When using this function the tool bar is located at the bottom of the screen.  Left to right the icons represent a pencil, an eraser, drawing lines, drawing four-sided shapes, add text in three fonts types in regular, bold or italics, move elements on the screen, and color fill.  Below these icons are two color options; the left is the line color, the right is the fill color.  You can choose from a range of hues.  On the right are your management tools.

One click saves your sketch.  Upon returning home you have options. A completed sketch can be edited, shared or deleted.  

As an explanation the Class Feed is where messages can be posted.  Manage Students is the page allowing the addition of students.  Each time a student's name is entered a password is assigned for them to use.  Students can be deleted with a simple click. When students log in they need to include the class code as well as their password.

After using Scrawlar for several hours, I can honestly understand the enthusiasm of those who have previously viewed it.  Younger students will find it very easy to use.  The most obvious plus is the no registration feature.  To be able to create and collaborate safely is fantastic.  Be sure to test this website yourself as soon as possible.   You'll be glad you did. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing scrawlar! I've been working hard to implement features at the request of teachers using it!

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you for designing this user- friendly service for teachers and students.