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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Was That About A Picture And A Thousand Words? How About Just One Word?

On September 22, 2011, Kelly Tenkely blogger at iLearn Technology posted about a truly inspirational web site that makes learning new words completely enjoyable.  This site, InsideStory Flash Cards, was started and is hosted by a mother/daughter team, Shauna Simon and Kande Underwood of Washington.

At the site, InsideStory Flash Cards, it states: 

Our stories are unforgettable—and that's how they make words stick. Each "story" provides a clear context for the featured vocabulary word, so readers easily understand how the word is used. The vocabulary is closely associated with the memorable details, making learning words almost as easy as laughing at a funny caption, reading about an unusual animal, or getting the scoop on a cool city.

It boggles the mind how this team could search and find the ultimate, unique picture to define and compliment the individual words so perfectly.  So well depicted are the words by the images that visual learners will feel like the proverbial kid in a candy shop.

When users select Free Printable Flash Cards, the screen to the right fills their vision.  Four tabs to the right suggest the levels of difficulty:  Basic (206) English Vocabulary, Kids and ESL, Easy (315) Vocabulary Builder, Kids' Printables, Medium (330) SAT Vocabulary, Common SAT Words, and Hard (60) Big Words, GRE & Beyond. (Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of words within each category.)

For many of the words users can listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the audio icon located next to the spelling and part of speech given for each word.  There is also an option to hide the definition of the word if one wishes to test their knowledge.

At the bottom of the column on the right side of the page is the choice to print the flash cards in the group.  When selected a new page appears showing all the flash cards giving the user the opportunity to select individual cards or print the entire category.

Boxed sets of sixty, four by two and one half, cards can be purchased through the site's online store.  The set categories are cats and dogs, animals and Seattle.  They sell for $14.95.

This is another gem to be placed in an educator's treasure box of tools for the classroom.

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