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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Out On A Limb

In 2010 the American Association of School Librarians selected the British based Exploratree as one of their Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning.  It falls under the Curriculum Sharing Standard for the 21st-Century Learner.

Exploratree provides users the opportunity to create or use thinking guides, tools or frameworks for thinking through and considering different aspects or perspectives.  Guides can be filled in online or printed out and then completed.
A portfolio of thinking guides can be built by users.  Ready made thinking guides can be altered by adding images, text and shapes.

Ready made guides are listed in the following categories:  Map Your Ideas, Solve Problems, Explore, Analyse, and Different Perspective.

Map Your Ideas contains a blank template, review plans, anticipate issues, invite feedback and possible futures frameworks.

Knowing trees, is/is not, reversal, use the essence, and digging up roots are all guides found under Solve Problems.

When selecting a template in the Explore category the choices are future wheels, T. A. S. C., question things, compare & contrast and a day in the life.

If a user wishes to Analyse, guides that could be chosen are tracking an inquiry, facts or opinions, making meanings, scamper and traffic lights.

To map out a Different Perspective users can specify either from a different angle, thinking boxes, plus, minus, interesting, examine ideas and compass rose.

Register for this free online application by filling in your first and last name, a username and email address.  In reading over the Terms of Use no age limitation was given.  This service is designed to be used by students and teachers in the classroom.  Upon confirming your registration with a link sent to your email address, this page appears.

After deciding on which guide will serve your purposes and making a selection, a page similar to this will appear.  The work area and tools are the same for all the guides.

This is the template for Question Things under the Explore tab.  Tools on the left side allow a variety of shapes that can be added, text and images can be uploaded from your computer.  Text color can be changed to four different shades, be made bold or placed in italics.  Links can be added by providing the URL.  Objects can be moved forward or backward and put in numerical sequence.  Hints can be added to each guide.

When your guide has been saved it can be shared to an individual or a group by email or with a URL link.  It can be submitted for comments or to Exploratree for use on their site.  There is an option for collaborative work on a guide.

This is the link to my thinking guide, Question Things--A Visitor for Bear.

Exploratree is an outstanding resource that should be a part of every educator's tool box. 

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