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Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtual Post-It Boards-There's Another One

Going through notes that I have jotted down I realized that there was another online bulletin board that I needed to try.  This is not a new app.  From reading entries on the site's blog it appears that this has been up and running for at least 4 years but to me it's new.  Stixy is in a class all by itself. 

To use this free organizer just enter in an email address and password.  When creating a Stixy widgets appear at the bottom of the page.  These enable you to post a note, photo, document or todo calendar.
You just click and drag the widget that you want to post. 
 When adding a note you can choose the style, add a link, font type, align the text or add a bulleted or numbered list.  Fonts can be in italics, bold, underlined or with a line through the center of the letters. 
An uploaded photo can have the effect, frame or rotation changed.
After a document is uploaded an icon will appear advising the user to click and load it.  The document does not appear in its entirety on the board.
The todo widget is like a single day torn from a calendar page.  Comments can be included.
All these widgets can be moved and sized by viewers unless you lock them. 

It's easy and impressive what this app offers but either my memory is having a hard time keeping up with all my moving about between apps, search engines and my desktop but twice my work just disappeared. 

To view the Stixy that I created follow this link:   http://www.stixy.com/guest/104625  As a guest the password is the name of my best furry friend.

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