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Monday, February 14, 2011

Va Va Voom with Voki

Voki for Education  is a new part of Voki.  As stated at the web site this is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile and in email messages. 
To register for use an email address, password, date of birth (your age flashes on the screen when you enter in the date...like I need to be reminded of that...), along with stating whether you are a student, educator or parent.  When selecting the educator box you need to choose the age group that you teach.  The site also advises students under the age of 13 to get parental consent; make sure that your parents know you are using the site.  Voki makes sure that users are aware that the site is free and will continue to remain so. 

When creating your Voki you can select from 12 different avatar groups.  You can add clothing or bling to your hero.  Voice can be added by phone, a text box where you select from a variety of speakers, by microphone or by uploading a file.  Numerous themes are offered so backgrounds can be switched around.  You even get to change the color of your player.
When you have tweaked your creation to perfection it can be saved on site, then embedded into a host of online groups by code, bookmarked to even more spots, a link can be made or you can send it by email.

There are discussion boards available for teachers who are using Voki in their classrooms and ideas are shared.  It is a great spot where questions are asked and answered.  Many teachers are using them as introductions to units, class periods or to teach specific lessons.  Some are having students create their own Vokis as a means of integrating technology into more traditional assessment forums.

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