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Monday, April 23, 2018

Mission Defrostable (Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast #3) Cover Reveal

It's one of those evenings at the end of a day when nothing seems to go according to plan.  In fact, the word plan has completely left your vocabulary.  On days such as these there is only one thing to do.  There is only one surefire cure; breakfast for dinner.  Those three words have a magical effect.  It's time to whip up a batch of waffles, pancakes or French toast or all three!

As you gather ingredients, utensils, and cookware, lightness fills your spirit.  You can easily imagine the wondrous odors swirling around you chasing away the woes of the day.  It's like having a warm, comforting blanket wrapped around you.  JUST A SECOND!  Why is it so cold in here?  Did someone leave the freezer door open?

It's hard to believe more than three years ago on March 9, 2015 readers were introduced to two delectable food friends, Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.  The cover reveal for Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast (Sterling Children's Books, September 1 2015) written by Josh Funk with illustrations by Brendan Kearney caused quite a stir among the refrigerator crowd.  The release of the title caused an even greater sensation among the ranks of racers.  It's surprising (or not) what someone will do for the last drop of maple syrup.

By December 13, 2016 the book trailer premiere for The Case Of The Stinky Stench (Lady Pancake Sir French Toast) had people toe-tapping and hand-clapping as they awaited the release date of the companion title, a malodorous mystery.  The Case Of The Stinky Stench (Lake Pancake Sir French Toast) (Sterling Children's Books, May 2, 2017) written by Josh Funk with illustrations by Brendan Kearney had people guessing and gathering clues until the final whiff was taken.

I am happy to welcome author Josh Funk back to Librarian's Quest.  In this third escapade by the breakfast buddies, Mission Defrostable, a chilly chill is permeating the entire refrigerator realm.  What can you tell us, Josh, about this dangerous situation?  Will the duo be racers or sleuths?

If Book #1 was a race, and Book #2 was a mystery, then Book #3 is an action adventure full of twists, surprises, revenge and double-and triple-crosses.  In Mission Defrostable, the fridge is inexplicably freezing over, and Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are recruited to help get to the bottom of things.

You have brought to this daring duo's deeds yet another new character.  How would you describe this character to readers?

Agent Asparagus of the F. B. I. (Fridge Bureau of Investigation) leads the charge to determine the cause of the big freeze.  Frankly, when Asparagus shows up, not much is known about her or the F. B. I. - but as Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast are counted on as leaders in the fridge, they quickly offer to help.

I believe you are a fan of fairy tales, Josh.  Is this story based upon a particular fairy tale?

I don't believe so-so if you notice something, it certainly wasn't intentional.  Mission Defrostable was based on some of my favorite action adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Mission: Impossible

In this story the theme of friendship seems to be stronger than ever.  Do you care to comment on this, Josh?

Truthfully, I don't think I went into writing any of the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast adventures with any themes in mind.

In Book 1, there's definitely the 'don't waste time bickering and arguing - or everyone loses' theme.  In Book 2, it ended up with a 'don't judge a character who's down on his luck by his appearance (and odor)' theme.

Or in other words, you're right; the theme of both is friendship.

In Book 3, it's ... well, yes - friendship again.  But this time it might be more with a twist of 'give people a chance to befriend you - don't assume they don't want to be friends'.

Now you've got me wondering why the theme of friendship is so prevalent in this series.  What might this say about the relationship I have with food? Hmmmm . . .

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers before we reveal the exciting new cover for Mission Defrostable?

Well, I'm pretty psyched about this book.  It's probably the best one yet.  And so is the cover!  I think it's brilliant - it works both as a winter book (cold theme) - but also as a summer book (see the popsicles).  Illustrator Brendan Kearney has done it again!

And thank you, Margie, for hosting this cover reveal!  You're the best! 

Thank YOU, Josh, for visiting here again and for the honor of revealing this frosty fabulous cover. 

It seems our fearless adventurers are ready to spring into action when dastardly deeds have upset the status quo for the inhabitants of the refrigerator.  Obviously the popsicles are happier than happy at the turn of the temperature but others are shivering with the chilly chills.  Brendan Kearney has managed to give us the feeling of an icy atmosphere but our heroes maintain warmth with their true hearts.  I have to admit that looking at the ice cream carton in the center has me dreaming about my next hot fudge sundae.  

To discover more about Josh Funk and Brendan Kearney please follow the links attached to their names to access their respective websites.  Both Josh and Brendan maintain blogs which are linked at their websites.  You can find them on Twitter at @joshfunkbooks and @brendandraws


  1. Love this cover and the interview! Thanks, Margie and Josh!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed both the interview and the cover. Brendan does super work.

  2. Thank you for hosting, Margie! We cannot wait to see what the food friends are up to now!

    1. It was a pleasure to host the cover reveal. Oh, you are going to love what they do this time. :)

  3. It's Funk-a-delic! Can't wait for another adventure with these two zany characters!

    1. You'll love entering the fridge realm again. It's better than ever.