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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Twitterville #128

During last weekend and the first part of this past week, activity was high on Twitter as participants in conferences were sharing their learning.  Several new "best books" lists were released.  I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying the extra time with family and friends during the holidays.  Rest, relax and take time for reading.  Please look for the giveaways this week.

Have you ever thought of having a program in your school library for students not yet attending?  This article, Chew That Book: Why Babies Belong in Libraries|First Steps, offers some great advice.

It's always interesting to get the inside scoop from authors and illustrators about the path taken to bring their books to us.

Author and Illustrator Peter Brown On His Process from School Library Journal on Vimeo.

Thanks to School Library Journal for these tweets.

Author Michael Morpurgo, speaks at the opening of a new library urging the telling of stories for the sheer joy of it.  Michael Morpurgo: Bring back story time in every school
To the first person who can tell me the name of the new school library mentioned in this article, I will send a copy of Sports Illustrated Kids--Book of 500+ Sports facts kids want to know!  Please leave your answer in the comments below or send me a DM on Twitter. (This title has been won.)

Thanks to Tasha Saecker, librarian and blogger at Waking Brain Cells, for this tweet.

To me this is no surprise but to others it is,---Young adult readers 'prefer printed to ebooks'
To the first person who can tell me the percentage of young adults who prefer print over digital, I will send a copy of Flabbersmashed About You by Rachael Vail with illustrations by Yumi Heo.  Please leave your answer in the comments below or send me a DM on Twitter.

Thanks to author Barbara O'Connor (How to Steal a Dog) for this tweet.

Take a break, listen to episode #159 of Katie Davis' Brain Burps---Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Visits Brain Burps About Books

Thanks to Julie Danielson, blogger at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and author, for this tweet.

It still continues to be important to teach our students about digital citizenship skills.  You might want to keep this handy---A Visual Guide To Teaching Students Digital Citizenship Skills

Thanks to Donna Macdonald, teacher librarian and technology integrationist for this tweet.

This is a big weekend for independent booksellers and authors.

Lisa Von Drasek speaks about the graphic format.

Here is a book trailer for this week.

All the new lists released this week are a part of Mr. Schu's 2013 Best Books Lists
To the first person who can tell me the top title under the picture book section of The New York Times Notable Children's Books of 2013, I will send a copy of Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.  Please send me a DM or leave the answer in the comments below. (This title has been won.)

This video might be useful for an author study of Gayle Forman.

Thanks to John Schumacher, teacher librarian, co-host of the monthly #SharpSchu Book Club, 2011 Library Journal Movers & Shakers, 2014 Newbery Medal Committee member, and blogger at Watch. Connect. Read. for these tweets.

Brothers Paul Reynolds and Peter H. Reynolds have created a beautiful animated poem as a tribute to teachers.  Everyone should see this video, Keepers of the Flame.  Please follow the embedded link.  I did not embed it in this post out of respect for their request.

Thanks to Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator, for this tweet.

We have all been missing the completion of the Newbery Challenge videos by John Schumacher and Colby Sharp.  Colby is working on placing them all in one spot on Pinterest---Newbery Challenge

Thanks to Colby Sharp, educator, co-host of the monthly #titletalk, co-host of the monthly #SharpSchu Book Club, co-founder of the Nerdy Book Club and blogger at sharpread for this tweet.

Each week, day after day, we connect with like-minded people on a variety of social networks.  The importance of these connections has never been better stated than in this post, On Broken Door Handles and Butter Knives.

Thanks for this post and tweet go to Christopher Lehman, educator, speaker, author and blogger at Christoper Lehman: Teach By Learning. Learn By Teaching.

Here's another amazing blog post about the power of connections with book nerds, Leaving your mark 

Thanks go to educator and blogger at Shaped Like A Blogg... ...Or A Garden Hose!, Adam Shaffer, for this post and tweet.

This week was filled with informative, interesting and fun tweets especially due to the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Boston.  Of course my furry friend, Xena, may have had her sneaky paws on my keyboard too.


  1. Brackenbury primary school is the answer to your first question @ohlgrend

    1. Congratulations, Donna. That is the correct answer. The book will be on its way to you very soon.

  2. Much as I love everything you've shared here, Xens's mom, I have to say I think I love Xena's contribution best! :)

    1. I know what you mean, Allison. Xena is a very clever pup.

  3. Always love reading your weekly Twitterville Talks.

    1. Thank you, Ryan. So glad you have the time to stop by on Saturdays. Hope your day is wonderful.

  4. Thanks for including my story, Xena's mom!

    1. You are welcome, Adam. It's a great story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.