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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Hullabaloo

Over the years I have added many books to my personal collection to use with my students in the library.  I do love celebrating holidays and my shelves are a reflection of this joy.  Halloween is nearly here. I would like to share all the titles (all picture books except one) I have used over the years which I own.

I have categorized them loosely by grade level (K-4).  Keep in mind these groupings are for read aloud.  Depending on your students you can move them around. I know there are many more titles.  If you would like to recommend your favorites, please feel free to leave the title with the author and illustrator in the comments.

It is my hope to eventually create another Popplet with scary stories which I have learned to tell. These will extend to higher grade levels.

To view this Popplet full screen click on the icon in the lower right-hand corner.  You can move the screen through the grades by clicking and dragging.  Zoom in for the excerpts from the books as well as seeing the author, illustrator and title information.   Have fun with your students. Enjoy.

If the embedded version does not work, here is the link.

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