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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How-To Was Never Easier

If designing a step-by-step set of how-to instructions is what one wishes to do, then the web 2.0 application, Tildee is the perfect solution. 

Tildee offers users the ability to share their own personal tutorial on anything under the sun with others at no cost and without registration.  Just click on the +Create a new tutorial.  Type in the title of your tutorial, then begin with an explanation of step 1.  When that is completed a Google map, video or image can be inserted.  Multiple steps can be added.  The tutorial can be emailed, printed and shared using an unique URL generated for each tutorial.  There is an amazing number of social networks and online applications listed when the +Share button is clicked.

If you wish to modify this tutorial then entering in your email address is required.  A username and password will need to be selected. Once registered your Tildee can also be deleted.  There does not appear to be any age restrictions.  The policy of what may be posted is very strict and provides for a safe setting.

There is a search function if a user wishes to see other Tildee creations.

At the Tildee home page new Tildees, the best Tildees, your tutorials, your favorite tutorials and a newsfeed option can be chosen.

This is the first of many Tildees that I plan on creating.  Just click the link to find instructions to get materials to the Charlevoix Public Library by using MEL, the Michigan eLibrary.

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