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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Virtual Post-It Boards-Yet One More

This newest offering, Primary Wall , for real-time online collaboration between students and their teacher was conceived by a teacher.  It is designed to be used in education by educators, primarily in grades K-8.  It is hosted by Primary Technology and appears to be in beta form.  At this time the basic app is free and no registration is required.  A wall will be saved for thirty days unless the pro app is purchased.  By registering and paying for the pro app users can change the background, font and security level.

To begin click on Create new wall.  A post-it note appears with spots to add the note's title, the body of the note, the name or nickname of the note's writer and a Click to post me! button so the note can be added to the board.  The message appears right away and it can be arranged on the screen by simply dragging or by clicking the Sort button in the upper right hand corner.  There is a search option for locating notes as well as the ability to generate a link so the wall can be shared.  One of the newer features is that the contents of the wall can be integrated into the web 2.0 app, Wordle.  When the Share button is clicked beneath the link the user sees:  At that time send note contents to wordle.  By clicking the Go button the page changes to the Wordle screen. 

Support is available in the form of a Wiki, Community, a forum for asking questions, Blog and Contact information.

Please note that when I attempted to use this in Internet Explorer the program would not load.  When using Google Chrome it loaded instantly and was very easy to use.

This is the link to the wall that I created: http://bit.ly/lL5jTS

Thanks to Richard Byrne for posting about this newer online sitcky note app on his blog, Free Technology For Teachers , on April 1, 2011.

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