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Friday, May 6, 2011

Have No Fear, Instablogg Is Here

On Twitter, May 4, 2011, Richard Byrne of Free Technology For Teachers gave a heads up about a new web 2.0 app, Instablogg,  that allows the user to blog single use posts instantly.  There is absolutely no start, setup or maintaining. No age limit has been set in the terms of service but it appears that any post could be viewed in the Explore option. 
The tool bar offers a variety of elements to design a nice looking blog post.  The basics of cut, copy, paste, paste as plain text, and paste from Word are available.  Undo, redo, find, replace, select all, remove format and four alignment options are a click away.  Font can be manipulated to read as bold, italics, underlined or strike through.  Numbered and bulleted lists can be inserted. Images, video, tables, and links can be embedded.

It took me a few tries to figure out how to insert images but once mastered it was easy.  When you create your blog post two URLs are assigned; one that is sent to an email address if you wish to edit it and another for viewers of your blog post.  Readers will be able to leave comments as your blog can be shared on a multitude of sites and online networks.

My Instablogg about a Bear unit conducted in November.

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  1. Apparently I still have work to do on getting an image to appear in a post. When at school I can not view the images but I can at home.
    I will get back when I have it truly mastered.