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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She's Back!

Irresistible, unpredictable, hilarious Olivia has returned.  What's not to love about her newest antics in Olivia Goes To Venice (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, September 28, 2010) Using bright splashes of red, Olivia's favorite color (and mine), to draw the readers' eye into the illustrations journey with Olivia and her family through the streets and canals of Venice as they are superimposed amid actual photographs.  Beginning with packing for the trip, Olivia, you won't be needing your snorkel, said her mother, or your flippers.  Mother, apparently the city is often under and water and--------- Or your water skis, readers will smile at each conversational exchange, facial expression and typical tourist experience.

As crossings over bridges are made, a stop at the Grand Canal with palazzos lining its edges, walking through the Piazza of San Marco or a hair-raising episode with pigeons, a generous helping of gelanto seems to be the outcome.
 When a gondola ride is secured, this overindulgence causes the boat to sink lower than usual.  This results in the gondolier suffering considerable stress and the reader extra smileage.  It is Olivia's quest for the perfect souvenir that brings forth the final laugh and a quick exit by the family back to the airport.  Venice will definitely remember Olivia as will we all. 

At Olivia's web site information about Ian Falconer and all things Olivia can be accessed.  There is a special link for teachers and librarians.  Check it out.

At the publisher's website you can view interior images.  There are several activity kits you can download also.  Not to be missed is this YouTube video highlighting this new offering as well as Ian Falconer's basis for Olivia books.

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