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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogger Bonanza

For those looking for the perfect visual to compliment a blog posting look no further than Wylio.com.  Millions and millions of Flickr photographs whose owners have designated them as Creative Commons works provide the pool from which selections can be made. 

For example when I searched using the term, book, 121, 287 images were available.  After flipping through the pages to locate the one for use, simply click on it.  On the next screen you can see what the alignment of the picture, right, center or left, will look like with the text of your writing around it.  Also by moving the sliding size bar you can view further how the final product will appear.  Once the look you want is achieved click on the get the code button.  Simply copy the code and paste it into your post prior to final publication.
Love For Booksphoto © 2008 Sarah Scicluna (via: Wylio)
Let the fun begin!

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