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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writers Unite

For those that are hesitate to delve into the world of writing why not start out by sharing the task with others?  Imagine the freedom when facing that blank page or screen of white that friends, colleagues, or fellow students will be sharing in the effort. Creators of the web 2.0 application Thumb Scribes, still in beta form, have designed with the specific intent toward collaboration of the written word.

Users of 13 years or older need to sign up with name, email and password.  Upon logging in click the Start Writing button.  A screen appears inviting users to type a haiku, poem, song, ex corpse, flash, short story or novella.  There is a button which explains the various scribe types and hints on how to write them when the help tab at the top, upper right is selected.
Writers assign a title to their work.  A set number of contributions along with the number of words left is generated by the program depending on the scribe selected.  It can be altered by the initial writer.  A writing can be made public so anyone can view it or only friends. Their email addresses are added and a message can be sent with the invitation to work on a particular piece.

As an introduction to a specific type of writing in the classroom this application has all the necessary features to make it more fun, less daunting and educational.  Anyone care to join me?

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