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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wizard...Pinball, that is.

Pinball  is an interactive site that invites its users to try four different devices for bouncing around ideas.  Brainstorming takes on a whole new fun-filled dimension. 

By selecting Dot Dash a series of ideas contained within connected circles float on the screen providing a visual which can be saved, printed or flipped to another Pinball tool.  If the user(s) think of an idea that is not initially connected to the others it can be added by choosing Lucky Dip.  The dots can be repositioned, images can be added and colors can be changed.

Snap Shot allows the user to import an image.  This image can be reflected, rotated, scaled, bent, erased or cut.  A pen tool and color wheel are provided to draw on the image.  When finished the result can be saved, printed or moved to a Pinball tool of the user's choice.

If the user needs to make a decision from a pool of ideas choose Drop Zone.  Ideas or images of their own can be placed in the cloud as well as those from the Pinball random selection tool, Lucky Dip.  As the ideas rotate by quickly click on those which catch your eye at first glance.  Examine your choices to save, print, refine or move to another application at the site.

With many ideas or choices to make Wild Reels permits the user to group those ideas by categories which then can be randomly shuffled.  When an acceptable combination appears it can be printed, saved as jpeg or as in the previous options moved to another tool.

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