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Monday, October 4, 2010

Create Cool Comics Part 2

Last year when two "budding" comic book artists drew and designed two books,  knowing about this online comic creator would have been wonderful.  When presented with the completed volumes, they were duly cataloged, entered into OPAC and placed on the shelves of the media center.  To this day the "notebooks" continue to be appreciated and checked out by their former fellows classmates at Charlevoix Elementary School. 
Graphic Novel Creator: Comic Master allows the user to decide page layout, add backgrounds, characters, props, dialogue within speech or thought bubbles and text boxes and special effects.  A music player can be activated to provide inspiration as the user works.  A finished page or pages can be saved or printed. 

By selecting the Educational Resources box the viewer has the option of using six additional applications which cater to 11-14 year old boys (girls will like it too, I did) as designed by Reading for Life, the web site originators.
Thanks to Kelly Tenkely of iLearn Technology.

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