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Thursday, August 19, 2010

School Library Learning 2.0 #22

I have been a book collector for years.  I fall in love with a particular author and I am compelled to have all their books "in the flesh" on my shelves even though I have already read them.  To hold a book, turn the pages, savor the illustrations or feast on the play of words is my idea of true pleasure.  But then what do you expect from a person who began their life-long work with kids and books in 1973.  Of course my love of books and reading began way before that time.  Growing up I read every book created for my age level as fast as it came out.  I can still remember waiting for the next Nancy Drew book to be written just as my students wait for the next Johnathan Rand, Rick Riordan, Stephenie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, David Klass or just about any book in a series by so many wonderful authors.  That is the beauty of 2010...the variety of authors for children and young adults.  It is a treasure chest that is bottomless unlike when I was growing up.  As I completed reading those books available for my age I started reading what my Dad was reading...historical fiction.  To this day it is one of my many favorite genres.  In fact there is not much that I don't like to read, which looking around the rooms in my house, is obvious.
I have been slow to make use of audio books unless traveling and with the advent of eBooks even slower.
But, I have to admit, when going to amazon.com recently I seriously thought about purchasing a Kindle.  I am not immune to the benefits of eBooks.  Visiting the recommended sites for those available free of charge online, World eBookFair, Best Place to Get Free Books and Read Print, found that Best Place to Get Free Books (  http://www.friedbeef.com/best-places-to-get-free-books-the-ultimate-guide/ ) and Read Print ( http://www.readprint.com/ ) to be my favorites.

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