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When love and skill work together, expect a miracle. John Ruskin

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hold the phone, stop the presses, put on the brakes...

The final book in the trilogy which began with The Hunger Games followed by Catching Fire is on its way to the shelves of Charlevoix Middle School.  Mockingjay was sent today.  Now I have a real dilemma.  I already have four books started and just received a call from the public library that another book I ordered has arrived.  What's a librarian to do?!  I'll probably drop everything to read Mockingjay because once it gets to school I won't have a chance until next summer.


  1. I am soon I my way to McLean and Eakin to pick up my copy! You can borrow it when I am done, which won't be long.

  2. Thanks, we book-a-holics need to stick together.