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Monday, August 16, 2010

School Library Learning 2.0 #16 and #17

It was informative and motivational to view the suggested wikis.  I have previously created a wiki, Bookawiki, which for the most part has been idle for several years.  I can see from viewing the other wikis that I need to learn more about design and the use of http://www.wikispaces.com/.  Once again this would be a great tool for collaboration with my students and perhaps their parents about how we feel about those books that we are reading as requirements and for our own pleasure.

It seems that many teacher librarians have similar ideas about how to use their wikis.  It also seems probable that more than one wiki can be created to serve as sounding boards for different kinds of projects that students will do throughout the year.  It would be interesting to have older students design the wiki.  The wiki WebTools4U2Use in design has great appeal to students.  I went to http://www.glogster.com/ to view how that first page could have been created.  There are so many aspects of 2.0 applications that could be explored and utilized by myself and my students.

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