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Friday, September 30, 2011

Literacyhead Revisited---Great Links

On Monday of this week I posted about a fantastic site that combines the best in reading and writing practices with art and children's literature, Literacyhead.com.  This online magazine is a treasure waiting to be discovered and used with our children in the classroom. 

I liked their page on Facebook and have been getting additional suggestions to use in the classroom.
This is just one of the great links that they posted this week, Kidszone, Learning with NCES, National Central for Education Statistics, Create a Graph. 

At Create a Graph there are five different styles of graphs from which to choose, Bar, Line, Area, Pie and XY.  When a selection is made the tabs are Design, Data, Labels, Preview and Print/Save.  For graph novices there is a tutorial in PDF format for viewing or printing. 

Go, go graphs!

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