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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful Wiggio

Recently the web 2.0 application Wiggio came to my attention.  Wiggio.com is a free, online toolkit that makes it easy to work in groups.  Early in 2008 two students at Cornell designed this program.  It was released to the public in September of that same year.

To begin using Wiggio the user creates an account by entering in their name, email, password, zip code, birth year and gender.  An email will be sent to confirm your account.  To begin I created an account with my school email so that I could have a group for my book fair volunteers.  Using my home email I started another account  to create a group for those enjoying children's books.

Once you have generated a new group members can be added by sending an email, link or through Facebook.  As administrator of a group one of four types of communication can be selected:  group email with post by email which acts like a listserv, each post by email or SMS, a daily summary of posts by email or no mail which acts like a discussion board. 

A selection of tabs appears at the top of the home page offering a variety of options available to the group.
By choosing Calendar events can be added, group members can print/view an agenda, show events from all groups, subscribe to that calendar or import a calendar.  When the Folder tab is clicked the user has the choice of upload a file, create a file or add a link.  Virtual meetings, conference calls or a chat room can be set up using the Meeting tab.  Your group can design a poll by picking the Polls tab.  If it is necessary to send a Messsage the options are by text, email, sticky note or voice note.  The final tab, To-Do, produces the ever needful To-Do list.

The beauty of this utility is its simplicity coupled with the options accessible to the group members.  At the bottom of the site's pages are the About page which includes a YouTube video introduction to Wiggio and a FAQ page which is complete and through. 

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