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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go Go Glogster

I finally got some time today to visit the web site called Glogster: Poster Yourself only to find out that they had an application specially designed for educators. Glogster EDU

I absolutely loved creating a poster about the two media centers that I plan on using on my Smartboard during parent open houses. New School Year In the Media Centers This application allows you to add text, images, video, sound, drawings and change walls(backgrounds).  It looked like you could also add data but it appeared that you had to pay for that feature.  Everything else about this web 2.0 application is free, free, free!  Also when you add anything you have the option to put frames around it.  When you sign up you are allowed to add up to 100 students who can also make fantastic posters using Glogster.  What a wonderful interactive way for students to create and share class assignments.  Have a wonderful week staff as we gather to get ready for our students.


  1. Nice poster! Thanks for making the background white to cut down on toner ;)

  2. No worry about toner with Glogster! :)It's strictly interactive and online. Or at least that's the way that I believe it was intended to be used.