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Monday, August 23, 2010

"Booklist" Bonanza

With no pun intended in the title of this post that is just what the August issue of Booklist is...a spotlight on Westerns and a heads-up on loads of new good titles for students and adults. For those fans of adult chick lit, which includes some of my 8th grade students, Janet Evanovich has a new series starting with Wicked Appetite.  To followers of her books Diesel is back in all his glory.
Diana Galbaldon is entering the graphic novel format with The Exile.  This is a retelling of the original Outlander story from Jamie's viewpoint which promises to reveal new events and insights.
And Xena says that I have to let you know that Dean Koontz has a new book with a canine companion as a character.  This title is called What the night knows. 
This issue also promises that teen books with a paranormal slant will be plentiful--The Nightmarys, The house of dead maids and Nightshade.
It looks like My life as a book will be the perfect recommendation for those who love Diary of a wimpy kid and then some.  For our elementary students who can't get enough of pigs, puns and laughing out loud The adventures of Nanny Piggins and A pig parade is a terrible idea will fill the bill.
Yippee-ki-yay I can't wait for September.

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