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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Virtual Post-It-Boards--Magnoto

On February 17, 2011 Kelly Tenkley posted on her blog, iLearn Technology, about a web 2.0 application still in beta form called Magnoto.  Photographs, videos, audio and text can be posted on your board much like magnetically hanging personal treasures on your refrigerator.  To use this free service click the purple Sign up now! 

First enter in an account name which will become part of the web site address for your account.  Enter in your email address next followed by login name and password.  Module alignment for the first page is to be selected, classic blog, floating or free.  The general terms and conditions must be accepted.

The next screen provides the user workspace with the Library tabs visible.  Interestingly enough the initial background is a stainless steel refrigerator door.  You can upload your own background which appears as rows of tiles or select from an extensive Magnoto background list.  An equally extensive list of magnets can be placed on the surface.

When you place an image on your board a choice of frames can be seen by clicking on the small "M" in the upper right hand corner.  The image can be resized, placed in the library (offline) or deleted. If you selected the "free" option for your module alignment, all elements can be dragged and placed on the page.

When notes are added text can be bold, in italics, underlined or struck through.  Bullets, indention and outdention are possible.  Links and images via HTML can be added to notes.  Custom characters can be inserted.  Notes also can be framed, placed offline or deleted.

Clicking on the User Account button allows editing of the subdomain name, page name, page description, email authcode, comments moderated, time zone, and date/time format.  At this point users can see the date the page was created, memory used (up to 50 MB), delete the entire account or add up to four more users by entering in a login name, email address and password for each.  The person setting up the account will still remain the administrator.

When the Page Admin button is chosen a new page can be added.  A menu of choices for that page as well as adjustments can be made to those pages already posted.  The items which can be altered are:  page name, settings, email address (so modules can be sent via email), page access (public, friends[password protected], or account users only, module alignment, modules via email, module template defaults for images and notes, and blogging settings (comments).

The ability to add modules via email is fantastic.  Having chosen free module alignment anything sent by email will be placed in my library before it is added to the page(s).  If one of the other two available alignments is chosen the module can appear on the page immediately.

I truly had fun using Magnoto; easy to use and pleasing to the eye are all pluses.  I consider it one of the best virtual post-it-boards out there.
Here is a link to my two pages.

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