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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind Your Ps and QRs...#2

On January 9, 2012 Richard Byrne posted on Free Technology for Teachers, Create a Mobile Language Lesson With QR VoiceUsing this free application QR codes (refer to an earlier post on Librarian's Quest about QR code basics) can now be generated to hold a short voice recording.  QR Voice, to quote the statement on their home page, is

when a picture is worth a hundred characters.

To convert text to speech simply type your message into the provided space making sure to stick to the one hundred character limit.  There is a drop down menu where the language can be selected in which you wish the message to be spoken.  When that task is completed click on the blue button on the right with the QR code icon.  (Please note: The site can be viewed in English, Italian, Japanese, Portugese or Spanish.) 

An HTML link will appear above the QR code which is a link to that code.  This will give you a clear copy to print or you can click on the generated code below that link and save it to your user space. 

I am still using QuickMark on my Samsung Galaxy smart phone.  It worked very well when I read the QR codes that I had made.  The computer voice lacks animation but it gets the job done. 

In my library media center I can see placing the QR codes about the room, recording a quote from a book that includes the author's name.  With that information student's could go to OPAC, look up the author and decide which book includes that quote. 

What title contains this quote?

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