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Thursday, January 14, 2021

An Elisha Cooper Celebration

For persons, readers, dedicated to children's literature, it is known the quality of writing and illustrating is superior in many respects.  Creators of words and art for children, in its many formats, exhibit a singular passion for their profession.  It is evident in their ability to take us easily into new realms or our own worlds.  They endear us to characters.  They readily make us laugh or cry. They help us to see with fresh eyes.

One such author illustrator is Elisha Cooper.  I have been a fan of his work for many years.  Elisha Cooper has the skill to get to the heart, the soul, of any subject.  One of the finest books on the place canines have in our lives is his book, Homer.  You'll find yourself wanting to shift or renew your preferred mode of travel after reading his Train or begin a new adventure after the words and art of River flow over you. His approach to our twenty-six letters, 8: An Animal Alphabet, is decidedly unique.  In his Caldecott Honor award title, BIG CAT, little cat, Elisha Cooper helped us to understand life and death, sadness and healing.  

Today I have the honor to celebrate the cover reveal of a new Elisha Cooper book, Yes & No (Roaring Brook Press, April 13, 2021).  In this book, as in his others, Elisha Cooper elevates the ordinary to extraordinary.  Here is the link to the publisher's website where you can view interior pages.  To discover more about Elisha Cooper and his other work, please take a few moments to visit his website and his account on Instagram.


Not one to wish my life away, but truly all I can think of now is---Is it April 13, 2021 yet?

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