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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Like A Squirrel...

Nearly two months ago, tech people began speaking about a new, free web 2.0 application called Bundlenutmy go-to site, Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne. In a nutshell this service allows the user to collect website URLs and then share them.  Whether the links seek to explore, collect, guide, convince, teach or help Bundlenut is the means to do so.

To begin go to the home page, enter in a title for your Bundle and click the green Go button.  Three simple steps appear on the next screen.  First you are asked to Bookmark your Bundle or log in into an account (Google) so you can modify it at a later time.  I simply bookmarked my Bundle; accessing it when I needed to make changes.

The second step is adding links to your Bundle by creating a title, adding the URL and any comments about the link.  Links can be dragged and dropped to change their order.  Entries can be deleted by clicking on the minus sign.

To change the information in any of the three boxes within the link line, click on it to reopen the text box.

After the websites are added proceed to the third step, Browse and Share.  Click on the blue link word to save the Bundle; a unique URL is created as a new screen appears.  The next page shows your bundle list with hyperlinks under the titles and your comments beneath.  By clicking on the acorn in the upper left hand corner viewers can toggle through the links.

Please note that links to YouTube videos will not display. 

The implications for using this in an educational setting are huge; the no registration requirement being a major plus.  Groups of students could create online investigations for others.  Bundles could be designed to teach research methods. 

I'm feeling a little "squirrely" at the ease of use and the great results.  Bundlenut has a new fan.  Check out the beginnings of my Bundle titled Mock Caldecott 2013.

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