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Friday, July 15, 2011

Twenty-four Hours In Twitterville #5

In the online Time Magazine Arts section there is an engaging article written by Jeff Kinney, author of the increasingly popular Diary of A Wimpy Kid series.  He talks about his ideas of books that are interesting to children; books that make them want to read.

And to honor the final Harry Potter movie to be released this week check out this article, British Farmer Builds Harry Potter Maze with One Million Plants and the amazing photograph.  Can you find the difference?

The first trailer for the Martin Scorsese film adaption of The Invention of Hugo Cabret is out. And I for one can not wait to see this movie.

Thanks to Publishers Weekly for these tweets.

Larry Ferlazzo, author of Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day,  has an updated version to his The Best Places to Learn Web 2.0 Basics.  He has included some great resources that bear checking out to increase the use of technology within classroom curriculum.

Ferlazzo has also updated his Best Web 2.0 Applications for Educators in 2011(so far).

 Via another tweet Ferlazzo spoke of an infographic titled---The State of the Internet 2011.  It is a very impressive, animated site that is constantly being updated.  This is a must see.

Today Ferlazzo has a tweet referencing a good list titled 80 Online Tools, References and Resources from the Edutopia site

Read the oh-so-true article in the Wall Street Journal by Norman Lebrecht titled How Harry Saved Reading.  By authoring the Harry Potter books J. K. Rowling brought parents and children together reading in a way that I have yet to see to that extent in my entire career. Thanks to the Young Adult Library Services Association for this tweet.

Thanks to a tweet from the Book Maven a link is provided to the Troy Public Library (right here in Michigan) where 97 letters written in 1971 from some very notable persons to the children can be viewed.  These letters stress the importance of libraries and offer congratulations on the opening of the new library.

Richard Byrne tweeted a reminder (as if we needed it) that the summer is half over.  He offers his 77 Resources for Teachers to Explore This Summer as a great way to delve into what is available online to increase use of technology in a variety of subject areas.

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