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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Virtual Post-It Boards---Web Out

Similiar to Stixy and Popplet previously reviewed on this blog, SpiderScribe is an application that allows users to create and collaborate on a virtual board.  Still free in beta form, to sign up users need to list their name, email address and password. 

After logging in click on Create New Map.  A box appears where a name and description of the new map can be added.  When this is completed a board appears with stencils on the left.  These stencils allows the user to add text, add a document by uploading from your computer, add an image by uploading from your computer, add a map (Google Maps) or add a calendar event.  Simply click on an icon and drag it to the board.  Items added to the map can be connected by clicking on the dot at the center bottom of an item and dragging it to another item on the map. 

Font size within a stencil can be changed as well as the border width and background color.  At the top of the screen options available are undo, redo, center map, print the map, clear the map or delete the map.  A map that is completed or ready for collaboration can go from private to private only to users with their emails listed, public with a link or public on the internet. 


Thanks to Richard Byrne at Free Technology For Teachers for posting about this web 2.0 app on his blog on May 18, 2011 and again toward the end of June.

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