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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stacked For Summer #2 and Pick of the Week Modified For The Season

Another stack of books popped up today after a trip to Borders in Traverse City.  Wandering from section to section in the store eyes agog, before I knew it nearly ninety minutes had gone by and I was staggering under the weight of my newest finds.  This has to be it for awhile unless I can get another month added on to the summer vacation.  Of course, I do have that order coming from Amazon and what about that trip to Petoskey tomorrow? Look out booksellers.  Here I come.

Something a little different will be available during the sunny months of June, July and August with respect to the Elementary and Middle School Pick of the Week.  I think it's important as readers of any age gain confidence and skill in their abilities that older copyrighted books are not overlooked amidst the onslaught of  fantastic new titles being published each year.  I am going to be highlighting some of my favorites that may not have been read yet by newer readers.

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