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Friday, December 3, 2010

Simplebooklet: Book(lets) plus so much more

Numerous technology experts in the know have given top grades to the online application Simplebooklet .  As its name suggests it is an uncomplicated program for designing a variety of publications that can be integrated into an assortment of social networks, embedded into a web format or printed in hard copy. Additions to each part of a publication or the publications themselves can be dropped, dragged, resized or layered.

Each added element is treated as a separate entity.  The site itself provides storage for all your creations. Despite the ease of use the results are anything but plain.  Rather they are polished and professional depending on the creativity of the user.  Users should note that this application works best with the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Goggle Chrome.

Check out this simplebooklet that I put together about this app.

This simplebooklet is a short version on the six elements of the fantasy genre that our fifth and sixth grades use for study. 

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