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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love those Binders...

For several days, in fact since December 27, 2010, when I read a post on Kelly Tenkely's blog, iLearn Technology, I have been creating a binder at LiveBinders.  In this particular binder I am housing all my book reviews, YouTube book or book related movie trailers, and web 2.0 applications with their web sites that I have posted on this blog.  It will be a virtual log organized by subject tabs of all that has and will be discussed on Librarian's Quest.  No more checking lists of blog posts or trying to remember dates that items were discussed.
To sign up for using this application a user name, email address and password are required.  A user needs to be over the age of 13.  Rather than create a list of resources for staff or students to use, a binder can be designed to house web pages, videos, pdf or doc files as well as images that have a commonality.  A viewer can select tabs which will enable them to view documents, videos, images, or web pages in a matter of seconds.  Some of the featured binders that are at the site for public viewing have been created for use and tested in classrooms.

 I continue to be amazed at the technology available online for educators to use free of charge that will contribute to enhancing not only what happens on a daily basis in their classrooms, but as tools to share with other educators.  It can only mean that educators will have more time to do what they do best--prepare our students "to catch their own fish".

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